Remember the Sand

I spent this summer working, adventuring, and experiencing new things. And now, I study. Everyday, from morning until night, I am on the move. I literally have to run places to be anywhere on time. I forget to breathe. I forget to take in some fresh air. I forget what summer was like.


I keep pictures I take at the beach on my phone. They are a gentle reminder of lighter things; toes in the sand, cold sea spray on your legs and forehead, comfortable warmth from the sun above. They are a reminder that life isn’t about working. Life is about enjoying yourself, and investing your time wisely. What wise might mean to each person is different.

I need to slow my movement. I need to take a walk outside. I need to just walk, not run. I want to enjoy the beautiful sights that be.

All the best, and find your happy place,



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