Minute on the Clock

These first two days of classes have been rough. I have yet to stop and take a breath, and the homework load is more tremendous than expected. I have been in slight panic mode for 48 hours straight. But things are getting better, or at least, they always do.

I am not one for fitting into a system. Rules and regulations seem to do more harm than good some days. I can’t sit still, and I love being outside rather than trapped indoors. Being back at school is an adjustment. But with all of the challenges come wonderful friends.

This past summer, I changed my major a ridiculous amount of times. I finally settled on Sociology–and during those classes, I have felt so free. The classes are discussion based, and make you think. They talk about social issues, and social justice is my passion. I am finally learning how one aspect of the world works. With this knowledge, I can create solutions. I feel like I will have a job when I graduate (a new worry of mine, thankfully resolved).

So, college is still going well. This semester, I love every single class I am taking, as well as every professor. I feel very lucky, and I know the next few months will be amazing.

With gratitude and love,



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