New York, I love you.

New York City is the kind of place that you learn to love. I mean, people always love the glitz and glamour of the city but when it actually comes to committing to the city its a hard decision. Lucky for me, my relationship with is the city is an open one. I get to go in and out of it as I wish but my god is it wonderful.

I spent the last two days charade-ing all over the city feat horrible shoes. It was an adventure that made me truly appreciate what it has to offer. I only got a glimpse of what my life can be but my god was it dreamy.

I also spent these two days reconnecting with one of my best friends. Needless to say, I am so so so so so happy. It has been an adventurous past year. When I look back to the past year – all the friends I made, the places I’ve been to, the fights, the relationships and myself, I feel oddly proud and grateful for everything that has happened to me.

Its been two weeks here at Sarah Lawrence and it finally feels familiar. I can see it becoming my home for the next few years. Not having a roommate has made this transition weird for me. In my freshman year I always had someone to drag me out and meet people but right now its all me. And its not bad at all. I guess I will eventually meet my core group of friends. I am good at adjusting and settling into new situations quickly but this is the first time I am doing it all on my own. I have to be patient and give myself some time.

Its been a while since I wrote here and I hope you my reader are happy.

I love you



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