With Love, PB Sandwiches Everywhere

I’d like to start out by saying 1. Peanut butter sandwiches have saved my life her on campus and 2. Miti and I have changed our posting schedule! As we move into the school year, you can expect one post on Wednesdays and one on Sundays! We will still alternate, and we hope that our dear readers will stick around. #embracingchange.

I have gone through the bulk of RA training, with only one day remaining. I’ve learned so much about how to fill in my role, and how to truly assist residents in the way they need. I love this position so far; I love connecting with others and creating a sense of community and support.

My entire staff is slowly becoming one big family. We are all goofy, ambitious, caring, and ready for whatever lies ahead. I’m excited, and less nervous now than I ever have been for this position. This year will be a big time for growth, and I’m ready for how I will change.

Until the next!



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