Let the Training Begin

After two and a half days of my campus being calm and uneventful, RA training has finally begun!

Did I mention I was nervous? Terrified? Excited? Most of my summer was spent in smaller communities, or one-on-one interactions. And I spent a lot of time by myself, whether I was working, meditating, or traveling. Now, all of a sudden, I’m surrounded by forty people that will soon become my family, my co-workers, for the next year.

Today was fun. It felt so long and full, and we only began training after lunch! I can’t imagine the rest of our days. I feel much more up to school starting again. The flood of students returning in a week and a half, while still frightening, seems so much more approachable. I’m excited, and ready to take one the challenges ahead.

Here’s to more mornings of yoga, and more time making friends.



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