Pre orientation program

So, I’m here. In America. In New York. In Sarah Lawrence. In my dream school. 

I came here all by myself. Figured everything out for myself. And oh my god does that feel amazing. 

You know that profound moment of the present? Like the moment of now. It was there, when I landed in New York and boy was I overwhelmed. 

Here is my view from the plane:

 Here is how my room looked when I first moved in. I pretty much cried for an hour or two because that moment of happiness was followed by completely and utter moments of loneliness. It hit me like a wave of tsunami. But I am glad I got that out of my system.

And currently this is my view, As I am writing this blog post.

Today has been phenomenal. The thing is, ever since I entered this college it felt right. And boy is this new relationship manifesting into amazing people, places, conversations and situations.

I am so excited. And exhausted. So here I am. Back at it and I cannot imagine being anywhere else.


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