The Suite Life

Judging by the title of this post, my puntastic little sister appears to have rubbed off on me. I ain’t complaining though; punnery is a fine skill indeed.

Today was a big day for Miti and I–she is flying across the globe to her fabulous new college, and I spent the day moving into my new suite. After a nice, long shower, some shopping, and surfing YouTube, I am finally winding down for the day. There is practically no one on campus, and it’s kind of nice. I like the peace, and I haven’t listened to a single song while here.

It’s the silence before the storm.

I’m nervous to be an RA, a resident assistant. I commuted to school my first year, and I have to learn all the living-on-campus lingo. I live in a hall full of upper-classmen. I often do not blend into the New England culture.

But, I suppose my differences in knowledge and culture make me better suited to the role. I have held many student leader roles in the past. This is the same thing, with a bit more of a challenge. And people are so awesome, and try to be friendly for the most part.

I guess I just have a ton of extra energy and not enough space to put it. I need to throw myself into this new venture, absorb everything I can in the training coming up, and enjoy the ride. I can only do my best, and continue to make my best even better.



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