Back to School!

My first year of college,I was a commuter. The school I attend is about seven miles from home, so it was the logical conclusion to start off commuting. However, after the first year, it became clear to me that due to my involvement on campus, and the amount of time I spent there everyday, I had to move onto campus.

Like one Marta likes to do, if I find something I want to change, I work my ass off to make that change happen. I knew I couldn’t pay for housing myself, so I threw in an application to become a Resident Assistant–meaning free room and board for a year.

After an individual interview, and a giant group interview day, and one long month of waiting, I received an email. The contents? Congratulations, Marta, you have a received a position as Resident Assistant.

I cried. Quite literally. My hard work had actually paid off. So, this Sunday, I am officially moving on campus, along with all of the RAs. I am excited and terrified and ready and not ready, all at the same time.



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