Happy Independence Day, India!


India celebrated its 69th independence day on 15th August. Quiet a historic day in our calenders. The day filled me with an immense amount of patriotism. But for the first time in my life it didn’t feel fake or artificial.

Living away from home, especially a completely different country, makes you appreciate your heritage and where you come from. Not only have a gained a completely different perspective about my country but also am sure that I would definitely come back to India once I am done studying. The funny thing is that this decision is not based on comfort or the familiarity but the fact that this country has so much to offer. I feel like as millennial’s of our beautiful country it is our job to put forward our best front. This is where I belong.

On this day I would like to thank all the freedom fighters. Who fought for Mother India and her freedom. There is an overwhelming gratitude from me to them.

Jai Hind to this beautiful nation that never misses to put a smile on my face. I love and respect you no matter how chaotic you are!

– Miti


2 thoughts on “Happy Independence Day, India!

  1. As someone who as also lived away from home all my life I can totally relate to this! And now, after 16 years I get to stay here for college!


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