ok let me really tell you about me. It maybe short but I’m sure you’ll understand the gist. I am lazy. I am so fucking lazy. I am so lazy that I will make up a million reasons to justify my laziness. 

I am a wuss. If I think you’re doing something wrong, I would let you do it. I am too scared to confront you. Because what if you judge me! BLASPHEMY!!! 

I am scared. I am so damn confused all the time. I get lightheaded because I think too much. I am so anxious about a stupid taxi ride. I am scared to be myself. Does anyone know who I am? Probably not. Do I know myself? Probably not. I haven’t ever given myself the freedom to just be. 

How can I let something bother me that happened a million years ago. It’s done. There is nothing I can do to change that. 

I am so weak that I go out of my way to help others but I cannot even help myself. Why do I do that, you ask? Because you know people like people who are always there for them. 

I am so much more. 

I realize it now. But I won’t let it define me anymore. I am scared. But that is not going to hold me back from doing what I want. FUCK EVERYTHING. I know what I have to do now and that’s enough. And I will figure the rest out and I cannot let the support of my family keep me from holding myself back and take things lightly. 

I am done. All this nonsense I say and do to myself. And I made a public announcement regarding the same.
Hope you had a great day



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