The truth sets you free

I was watching the best marigold hotel. And there is this one remarkable scene in the movie that really got to me. 

It is part about a British man, Graham,  who has been gay all his life and fell in love with a boy when he was young and used to stay in India. Alas, both the families found out and the British family moved back to the UK. All this life Graham thought that he had sentenced his love to a life of shame and unhappiness. He never felt truly satisfied with his life. Until finally he had the guts to go back to India and look for him. To confront him and apologize. So, finally after almost 50 years he is back in the country he was born in, he spends all his time looking for his love. Graham’s efforts pay off and he meets him, Manoj, they hug and talk all night about the life they’ve lived. 

Graham realizes that he was the prisoner of his own feelings his entire life. But the moment he had the courage to face how he feels, he was at peace. There was a beautiful symbolism after he express his happiness and gratitude about meeting Manoj. A swan flies in the air, free and letting go. 

It struck the chord with me, that scene. It’s one of my favorite movies! 

Lessons can be learnt from anywhere 



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