In the 14 years I have live in the USA, and in the 8 of those years spent in New England, I have never seen a baseball game. Until last night.

While on this program with Chinese students, we are introducing them to all of the American things ever! In the last five days, we have toured Boston, Providence, my school, and Newport, RI. Tomorrow, we are off to New York City.


The other day, while in Boston, something on the street shocked the Chinese students. There was a demonstration group, called the Falun Gong. Apparently, back in China, you never speak their name. They are against the communist government, and usually show peaceful rebellion. But the media depicts them as an evil group, and the students were repeating whatever their government told them.

It’s interesting working with the Chinese. I love the language, but now it seems that I don’t love the culture as much as I thought. But to learn another culture is interesting, and will help communication across borders, and across the world.



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