So, lots of stories in the last 3 days. But this story is about the most recent conflict/epiphany I had.

I have established in the previous posts that I started a service called So far we’ve only received positive feedback. However, just like any new thing we’re learning and all this is new for me. It was easy to start this service but maintaining it and thinking about how far it can go is a whole different story.

Lately I’ve realised that my partner – who I started this service with, might not be on the same page as me. Some things were said and done but currently we’re in a zone of conflict.

Its been confusing and frustrating. I have this whole idea of taking it to another level. A level in which I revive the whole art of letter writing. To build a community of writers.

For a whole day I was angry and frustrated but now I realised that I have reached a stage wherein I have a choice. The choice to make her (my partner) a hurdle or taking responsibility and doing it on my own.

So this is me. Confused but determined.

Hope you guys are doing well!



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