I’m Worried. But That’s Okay.

I’m a frequent worried some days. I work too hard, and then feel exhausted and overwhelmed. Then when I take a break, I think too much and lose focus. Striking a balance is tough business!

But, for the sake of getting this stuff off the mind and into print, here are my greatest worries:

1. Choosing a major. (Stereotypical, I know. But it’s on the mind.)

2. Not knowing what exactly I want to do in a career. (Or rather, too many things that lack focus or purpose.)

3. Morals. I grew up taught one religion, but find myself slowly stripping that belief system from my identity. Am I doing the right thing?

4. Family and friends balance. Again, I do too much.

5. Running out of time and not being able to enjoy a life well-lived. However, worry won’t remedy that.

I’ve gotten really good and taking things as they come, and focusing on what I enjoy versus doing what it seems is expected of me. Worry won’t resolve anything, and I know that. Somedays, though, the mind strays.



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