Back Home and Ready to Go

I finally arrived home last night, after over 15 hours worth of travel time. Life is really good.

There is one thing I can’t understand when it comes to vacation time in the States, or rather, lack thereof. No, I don’t think that we need months of time to get away, but two weeks for every year? That’s crazy.

I may have only been in Spain for two weeks (due to my mom’s short vacation time), but those two weeks were refreshing. I feel new and ready to work and able to think from a different perspective. And I know that having this sort of vacation, this getaway, every three to six months, would be so helpful.

I get restless. I can’t sit still. Don’t take me to the movies, and don’t you dare offer me a cubicle job at a corporate company. I need adventure, and I need my scenery to change. Routine is fatigue-inducing, and change can be, well, world changing. And this is why going to Spain set my mind straight again, and got me back to working hard and playing harder.

Time to prep for the next trip–out West.



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