The Jeep Life

Vehicles are just so fun. At least, from my experience. Except for the one time I partially wrecked my Bug (I am not bitter). They can be so exhilarating! And terrifying. But fun.

I just got home after spending the evening in Alto Claro, a property my grandparents own with gardens and a giant pool. The cool family was there, meaning my uncles, aunt, and most of my cousins. We ate until we felt sleepy, and talked until we were reasonably awake again.

When it was time to go, my sister, cousin, mom, uncle and his wife, and me squished into my uncle’s little off roading Jeep. The only way back into town was by bumpy dirt roads, and by bumpy dirt roads we journeyed home.

Because the backseat was so small, my sister and I stood up, holding onto to the bars that serve as a roll cage. #SafetyFirst. My uncle, who was driving, kept slowing down, only to drop the clutch and speed up really quickly, making us scream and laugh and bounce around.

We were flying, flying right under the stars. Living life, done right.



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