Rainy rickshaw ride

There is something about heavy rains and travelling in an auto rickshaw to your house that is 40 mins away. I hate it – its wet and gross!


However, something about today’s ride was not as dreadful as I anticipated. The rickshaw driver was gleefully proud of his vehicle for not breaking down even when it was raining down so hard. Rickshaws are not the toughest instruments out there. It made me think and made me grateful about the fact that I got a chance to meet this extremely happy rickshaw driver. Who considered himself lucky enough to have this job. He spoke to me about how he maintains his rickshaw and makes sure that it is always on top of its game. It is rare to see someone so excited about what they do. Even if it is as “meaningless” as driving an auto rickshaw in Mumbai.

However, for all those that don’t live here; Auto Rickshaws are the lifeline of this city. Without them the whole city is practically paralyzed. Any way, this whole post was about chance encounters and always being inspired by little things in life.

Here is a glimpse of my rainy, drenched and awesome drive:





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