Gimme Some Bob Marley

The last few day, I have progressively getting more sick. After a week and a half of nonstop activities, fatigue and fever and heat exhaustion are finally forcing my body to slow down. Today, I decided to rest.

The thing is, when I get sick, and it is just enough to put me out of commission, I get anxious. I start to let fear override my logic. And WebMD does not help with this process. Upon looking up my symptoms and what I have been exposed to in the last week, I found out about heat exhaustion. Which, obviously, leads to death.

Why the hell would you put that in this list?

As a part business student, I’ve learned a bit about marketing. These marketers use fear, appeal, and create incentives to buy their product or service. Even better, junk food manufacturers target children in their ads. But that isn’t my point today.

Fear. It’s powerful. It drives us to survive, make quick decisions, and motivates us toward certain actions. And that is kind of crazy. Casually throw fear into conversation, and everyone gets anxious. Or at least I become very anxious. But fear can be used to our advantage, and can be wielded at will.

I am kind of rambling at this point, but my point is this: fear doesn’t have to control you. I spent half of today freaking out about being sick, when worry and fear, in this case, were not helpful to me at all. I decided to change how I perceived my fear and worry, and used that energy to go outside and do things that would help me heal. All with a little bit of reggae (sorry non-Bob Marley lovers).



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