Before I left for my short holiday, someone asked me “what do you plan on doing in the next 5 days?” 

I honestly had no answer. Would I be hogging on the delicious food? Will I be lounging around in the pool? Will I be dressing up and walk around – because let’s face it I am on a holiday and no one will judge me if I am all dolled up for breakfast. Would I go the spa everyday? The list of things to do was endless.

After pondering over the question for a while I realized that I was stressing myself over a list of to do things that are only reserved for a holiday. I realized that the only reason we were even going on a holiday was to relax and experience the luxury which is otherwise not available at home. 

So what I am trying to say is that life is about the experiences you collect. It doesn’t matter what you do. It’s like that quote “it’s not the destination that matters rather the journey which is important” 

I realize that I totally messed up that quote. But you get what I’m saying, right?

Here is a glimpse heaven, a heaven I call Coorg: 



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