Climbing Montserrat


After a couple of days just hitting up the beach or pool, and getting into the groove of things, we finally went adventuring. Like, real adventuring.

My uncle does all sorts of active and outdoors things, so, of course, when we asked him to take us someplace cool that we haven’t been, he did. We went to Montserrat.


This mountain, or area of mountains is also part of the region of Catalonia in Spain. Please go. You won’t regret it, I swear.

It took us an hour to get to the top, which was challenging for us novice hikers. The heat was beating down, and it’s humid as hell around here. But I was getting to the top of this mountain, no matter what it cost me. #Stubborn.


Maybe the trail was only two kilometers, maybe more. I didn’t read signs, mostly cause I didn’t want to think about how much lay ahead, despite how much ground I’d covered already.

We were on the Sant Jeroni trail, which led to the highest point of the mountain, and was the longest. The locals in the monastery of the valley below us call it the closest point to God. Let me tell you that no picture can do the view justice, nor share the journey that took place beforehand.


I had been starting to get antsy about life again, but this little adventure helped a ton. I feel like I accomplished something (which I did) and as if I’ve officially earned some rest (I definitely have). I’m too tired to write in my travel journal! Craziness. But Montserrat also taught me some other things: hard work can get you someplace beautiful, and accept what is, as it is, with no modifications. Life is pretty good.


Tomorrow, we are flying to Salamanca, where I lived for a bit in high school! It is my favorite place to go in Spain. I get to see my host family and my extended family and the city. I can’t wait.



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