Back to Our Roots

This week, I am working on something awesome… Summer Infusion!

Summer Infusion is my old high school’s freshmen orientation. I attended a Big Picture Learning school, which is an alternative educational model. When traditional schools were transitioning from class to class, my school was transitioning from projects to internships. Because we are based in real world learning, and have no classes, and basically innovate every aspect of school we can, it gets REALLY confusing.

To remedy any confusion for incoming students, we host a Summer Infusion, where freshmen come to school for three days during the summer. They get a crash course in what it is like to be a student, what a typical day is like, and what to expect from their teachers.

During the program, and during all four years of high school, students are split into advisories. While in high school, they have a regular advisor. For Summer Infusion, however, they have an Alumni Advisor. I applied for this position, and got it!

Today was day one of the program, and it was incredible! It made me start thinking about becoming an advisor myself some time down the road. The kids were so quiet, and I had to rely a lot on intuition throughout the day. After lunch, though, I got the kids talking, and now they are starting to get comfortable with the atmosphere.

This week, one of my best friends is visiting from California. She graduated from the same school as me, and is also working the program! I’ve been meeting up with old high school friends, and it has been refreshing. It has been a reminder of where I came from. In my first year of college, I really forgot about who I was.

It’s good to get back to your roots sometimes. It pulls you away from the daily grind, and reminds you of your purpose, or where you began, or of your true passions.


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