Redecorating my room 

My mother is an interior designer. She designed our house perfectly. I absolutely love it. But some of her concepts are just baffling. 

Before my room was “completely done” she insisted that I highlight at least one my walls. What I now have is an awkward patch of orange and yellow in two small walls. I mean my room looks like a 7 year olds room. 

So this summer, I made it a point to turn my room into my oasis/reading room/extra room that does not look so out of place. 

So I am currently searching for my perfect chair. I found it on the Internet and I am going to go to a furniture designer tomorrow and ask her if she can replicate it. I am buying a plant – I think a fig tree? Painting my entire room white, my current furniture is brown so while goes best with it. 

I am so excited for the result. I am painting my room by myself. It is a big deal here because we generally hire professionals to paint our walls. But I have faith in myself that I can atleast do a decent job of it! 

Excitement it through the roof! Cannot wait to share all the pictures! 


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