Perfectionist in Recovery


Miti and I are very similar, especially concerning her previous post. We both forget to give ourselves credit, and we can be very hard on ourselves. And guess what? We do amazing things, but have especially high standards. Now we are moving to accept and love ourselves more. I call this being a recovering perfectionist.

Life is pretty awesome. I have been going, going, going since 6:30 this morning–it’s 9:30pm, I am finally settling down and processing my day. This is essentially everyday of my life, at least in recent months. And some days, some days, I think that it isn’t enough. Which is silly. But you know–recovering perfectionist.

Today is a really good day to feel accomplished. I finished off two of my summer classes! I organized myself with my advisor! I did a ton of work with my internship today (networking all day. It was awesome)!

But anyway, I’m exhausted. Time for another awesome day tomorrow, recovering from silly perfectionism.



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