Throwback… Monday?

Alright, here’s the deal: summer classes are hard. I’ve gone five weeks strong, debated dropping out of college 4,000,000,000,000 times, and have probably aged myself a couple of years. But…

I HAVE TWO DAYS LEFT!!! And then I will be finishing up a night class until mid-July.

I’d like to take a look back at part of the very first post ever posted on Miti and Marta:

1.) Summer classes… Woo!

The perks of going to school where your parent works: free tuition. I want to graduate in three years, rather than four (some call this ‘highly motivated’. I call it ‘way-too-excited-to-get-into-the-real-world-and-out-of-this-damn-classroom’). I’m taking three classes, mostly communication oriented (YES) to get ahead.

In the last month along, I’ve changed my major, shifted my perspective (a bit) on school, and learned that I need to make time for doing Marta things. As in, still a productive human being, but productive with what I enjoy doing, whether it’s reading, writing, blogging, or adventuring the ‘Net.

Here is an excerpt from a post I wrote about Hector and the Search for Happiness:

3. People think that they will only be happy in the future.

4. Ergo^, live in the present.

Another thing that a less-overwhelmed-summer-college-student needs to remember: just chill. Today matters more than tomorrow. Or the next day. Or even last week. Unless you had a damn good taco last week. That is worth reminiscing and all the thought power in the world.

But for real. Today I needed to take a HUGE step back and re-evaluate life a bit. Get a broader frame, a clearer picture, a better focus. And I feel better now. I can look forward with more hope.



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