I always called myself ambitious, a go-getter, a hustler. I would have big ideas, and I would put them into action. That is part of the basis of what makes me, me. But then, I started working with a startup. Boy, do I know what hustle really means now.

Every day, from breakfast to bedtime, I am working on something: classwork, this blog, the startup, finding odd jobs. Then there is also the actual attending classes, or attending meetings, or actually doing said odd jobs. I have a giant list that I go through, every single day, and a new list every single night. Most think I am completely nuts; they may be right, but I love this life.

I love the hustle. I love the sense of productivity I get, accomplishing things both big and small throughout the day. It’s the best version of an adrenaline rush I’ve felt when it comes to personal or professional work. Additional perks: having a sense of purpose, meeting really cool people, and defying the status quo.

I’ve talked about Casey Neistat before, and here is yet another piece of his work. Goes right with the message of this post:

Life Explained in 27 Seconds

So, hustle. The only time we have is now.



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