Life. Is. AWESOME.

I have had a rough few days, stuck in a deep, dank, dark, possibly green-tinted funk. It has been gross, let me tell you. It was too much existentialism to handle, overall frustration with school, and missing my boyfriend/family/friends/other people I have not seen in FOREVER.

That includes you, Miti. ❤

But anyway, what I want to get at today is this: life is awesome. Think about it. We are simply here, on a nice patch of grass and rock and ocean. We have connections to others and within different parts of ourselves. We get to choose our adventures.

I feel that this freedom of choice is perhaps the best thing making life awesome. Right now, I am taking three summer courses. They aren’t hard, per say, but they are draining. I finish off every week burnt out. But I remind myself of a few things:

-I can quit anytime if it becomes too much.

-I made the choice to be ambitious this summer.

-I am doing something worthwhile, even though it involves sitting around all day in classrooms.

My struggle has been focusing on the positive. With all the stress I’ve been letting accumulate, I have forgotten that, yeah, I’m allowed to relax. In fact, it is well within my power to put down the textbook and take a break. Or to throw myself into my homework. Or to quit school and move to the Bahamas.

I need to remind myself that, while sit down school is not ideal, it has done wonders for me. It earned me a free trip to Yellowstone, a position as a Resident Assistant at my college, and a connection to great film professors and Center for Diversity and Inclusion staff. And I love all of those things. So take that, negativity. Ain’t getting this girl down again anytime soon.


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