Mumbai Rains

This is it, its that’s time of the year again. The clouds are grey and the wind is strong. Every breath I take feels fresh; the anticipation is real. June is the month when the city of Mumbai is blessed with torrents of rain and it is known as the ‘rainy season’. Ideally, Mumbai has three main ecological seasons – summer, winter and spring. But rains have become a very important part of what defines Bombay (Mumbai) and what defines me. It is almost exhilarating to hear the thunder and pounding rain when you are curled up on the couch with a great book and a hot cup of chai!

The summer is sweltering here but the rains bring that sense of calm and mainly relief throughout the city. Everything is brighter, lighter and vibrant. It is that time of the year when everyone just stops once in a while to look up and see outside. I can vouch for everyone person who has lived in Mumbai for a while that Mumbai rains are a part of who they are. There is atleast one story every individual in this city can tell, that revolves around the rains.

For me, rains are a sign of hope. And when so much in my life is changing, having this season upon us feels like a blessing. So go away heat! My happy days are here again.

Here is a glimpse of how we typically feel about rains here in Mumbai:


P.S. – Wake up sid is my favourite movie ever. It’s a bollywood film and if you have the time and patience to watch it, please do. It has a lot of heart and mumbai rains are a big part of it.


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