Be Content

It is a well-known, and often ignored fact, that you simply cannot have it all. Sure, you can achieve a lot with little resources. But we have a short time to hang around on this rock; we can do a lot, and a lot does not include everything. I think that makes sense.

I recently changed my major in school–before, I was a Communication major (thinking of focusing on film), and a double minor with Chinese and Supply Chain Management. Now, I am a Chinese major, with Supply Chain Management as my minor.

This change was a huge relief to me. I wanted to graduate early before; to do that with three different fields of study under my belt meant no just-for-fun classes and no time to develop myself as a person. I can have fun now. This is a huge mind-boggle for me.

For a while, I got stuck on the idea that you have to earn your way through life. A lot of days, I am still stuck on that idea. Hard work=getting everything you want. In truth, things don’t work like that. But that is okay, because we do not need much to be content. Keep working hard, reap what you can, and enjoy the ride.



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