Thoughts from (Stats) Class

Of the three classes I am taking, statistics has turned out to be the one, supreme bore of my summer life. That’s okay, except that I despise sitting still for long periods of time, especially when my mind is not engaged in doing something moderately productive. That is stats: 90 solid minutes of learning a single chapter, every single day. I’ve come to make this okay, because I’ll take down the notes until I understand the content (~30 minutes of total class time), and then write or plan my day.

That said, here is what I wrote today in class:

Too many people do not work hard enough or have enough drive to get to a place they would like to be. They will take the safe route: going to college, studying a subject simply because there is a big job market for it, putting what they actually enjoy doing aside.

Of course people don’t ‘make it’.

1. They don’t try hard enough.

2. They spend their time doing things that seem like the ‘safe’ or ‘right’ thing to do.

3. All that time spent doing things that don’t matter to them could be spent perfecting what they really want to be proficient in.

4. They listen to everyone else, and not themselves.

If you love business, do business. If you love the arts, do the arts. If you love science, do science. Of course, exploring an area that isn’t your own is very important. It helps us understand where our specializations lie in the grand scheme of things. That way, we know where our skills are best utilized.

I spent this first year of college thinking that I needed to ‘get myself through college’ with a ‘logical’ degree. No. I’m here to learn, not necessarily to make myself fit into someone else’s mold. That’s just… dumb.

Maybe I’m not made for a small job at a big corporation. Maybe I’m meant for a more entrepreneurial path. I believe in the power of passion, especially my passion. I love meeting people, and making ideas happen, and projects. So that is my focus. That is where I’ll ‘make it’.

Pretty similar to my last post, if not an extension of it. Can you tell I feel strongly about this stuff? No? Okay.



2 thoughts on “Thoughts from (Stats) Class

  1. A bit off topic Marta, but statistics is AMAZING ;D, honest truth. I think it’s the way we teach it that makes it so unbearably boring. And that pisses me off, cause I see beauty in it and I see other people so mired in their endless homework that they miss the whole point. We have gone from trying to instill an appreciation for math (even to the non-math majors) to focusing on computation. If we are honest here, many of the people that take mathematics, yourself included, will completely forget it by the time they are out of school, and whatever mathematics they do need will be learnt on the job. It’s not the specifics that you will remember, but the big picture. You will remember how you felt about math, and what your impressions were as to it’s beauty and usefulness. If you leave school thinking math is boring rote, then you will only do it when you absolutely have to, and anything that involves math will make your eyes glaze over. If, on the other hand, you leave school with the FEELING that math is useful and interesting, who knows? you might even end up doing math in your spare time (shocking, I know), regardless of how well you remember this or that particular formula. This, I think, is what we should aim for 🙂

    *Gets off soapbox* 😀


    1. I can appreciate math for sure! But it is taught poorly. I am very much a doer, and I’ve had very few teachers who actually have students do problems in class and have fun with it rather than make it about some grade. Stats is very interesting! I would not want to take anymore classes in it because I like investing my time wisely, but it is definitely a cool way to change how you think about things. Thank you for the generous comment! I love interacting with readers.


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