Getting Pumped!

My boyfriend is almost in DC now, which is both AHHH I’M SO EXCITED FOR HIM and ‘oh, Rowling, I can’t see him for how long??’ It has been a rough/weird couple of days.

HOWEVER nothing a little music can’t fix. Music has always been huge in my life (#dancerprobz), but now I am literally part of the industry. How so?

As I’ve talked about before, my internship with Do Your Dance is about helping people find their passions, pursue them, and share their stories. We’ve been focusing on the local city scene, and working mainly with musical artists. Last night, we had the most productive night ever. We are managing one band with a hip hop sound, and another indie band reached out to us, wanting to work with Do Your Dance.

So, new artists I’m into: Young Pandas, Nostalgia, Watsky, and Karmin. I’m sure to become a fan of many others! I’m just excited to meet all these cool people and see what awesomeness we can do together.



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