Camping in Happy Town

Today, I returned from my camping trip with my boyfriend. It was awesome! He surprised me (sort of) with the location: Provincetown, MA, aka, PTown.

We were right on the coast, camping in some woods near the beach. Yesterday, we started off riding the bikes we had rented for the weekend through PTown, and then along the beaches for a few hours. We eventually stopped near a monument, with a history of pilgrims in America. We climbed it, 252 feet of stairs up. At the top of the tower, we could see the city of Boston.

Later, we wandered the town, which was full of people for the holiday weekend. We stopped in for lunch, and explored the shops on the main street. We even befriended a gay couple at a body jewelry shop (where I got a new earring for my cartilage!).

We ended the day tired, but happy. We watched the sunset at the sea, our edge of the Earth. It was a beautiful day, and I’d love to return.


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