Comfort Zones

I’ve realized something in the past year: I am most content when I am outside of my comfort zone. As I type this, I’m grinning from ear to ear, because in a matter of minutes, my boyfriend is picking me up and we are going camping. All. Weekend. Long. I am so excited.

I love being able to get away–and not just physically. I want to put the technology down, put life on pause for a couple of days, and be with just myself, the woods and ocean, and my boyfriend. It helps me focus, and every time I go camping, I come back home with a clearer head and more ambitious with my goals than ever.

All that said, steeping away from the Internet buzz, or school, or home is so good for you. It can give you perspective, allow you to mull things over until the stress just melts away. Stepping out of the current for a little while can help you dive back in with more joy and positivity than you could imagine.

Happy camping, and I’m off to commune with nature,



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