Avengers, Books and Letters

So far, I have been far more productive than any of my summer vacations EVER. It’s some kinda of a miracle really, somehow after a super stressful semester I have realised the magic of sleeping on time and waking up early. Oh and it works wonders.

I saw the Avengers last night, now I am emotionally attached to all the character. While watching the movie I also thought about how the movie theatres in India mean business (with the services and quality etc) as compared to movie theatres in America that kinda just exist.

I also finished a super awesome book. I was very reluctant to start it, the name is “The secret letters of the Monk who sold his Ferrari”. The name sounds so preachy and wise but it was anything but that. Its a short book, so if you have a little time this summer and are willing to question your life choices, this is the book for you!

And since I have started the love letters org, I decided that I would start writing letters regardless of whether or not I have requests. I think that is the only way to show people that I mean serious business. And it would also help me improve my letter writing skills, so why not!?

That’s it for now, excited to start my art class tomorrow! YAY PRODUCTIVITY.



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