I think this blog post title is appropriate, given the awesome day I’ve just had.

I had no original intents. I woke up, had breakfast, read. Then I checked my phone, opening up a message from Lindsey, the co-founder of the start up I am interning with this summer. In about an hour, she was meeting with a professor from our college to talk business plan details. I threw on some clothes and headed to the city.

We met up at this cool spot, a space specifically crafted for entrepreneurs to have a space to do their work, planning, and host meetings. We talked about A LOT. But I am so excited to be a part of something I am truly passionate about. We have a lot of prep work to do, but we are highly motivated individuals with a good team–we can do anything.

I unwound the day by hanging with the bae. I concocted an evil plan–watch Camp Takota, an excellent chick flick, and a favorite movie of mine. It worked, but I now owe him three kung fu movies. Worth it.

Keep up the awesome!



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