Good End to a Long Day

Yesterday, Miti flew back home and I got my nose pierced (obviously related events… Not really). So, of course, I slept for a grand total of four hours last night.

I was okay at first, perusing YouTube at 3:30AM. But then I began thinking. And thinking. And thinking. I got to thinking about what defines any kind of relationship, and whether distance is that big of a deal. I’ve had long distance friends and family all of my life; in fact, it’s nearly the only kind of relationship I’m familiar with.

So this morning, before any critter was moving about outside, I felt a little hole in my heart begin to collapse and literally, physically ache. Perks of being a world traveler: many good, amazing friends that you see once a year, or so.

These thoughts struck me particularly hard because my boyfriend is off on an adventure, interning down in DC. I’m incredibly proud of him, but also sad. I want him to make the most of this opportunity, and I want to hold onto him every night.


Anyway, this morning, to get my mind off of those things for a while, I went for a run/walk in some local woods. It smelled of patrichor (after-rain scent) and the temperature was absolutely perfect. It was a great morning to be outside. Also, loving my nose piercing:



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