Stressful Day

So today was the dreaded day I was leaving Bryant. I started the day in a frenzy of packing, last minute errands and goodbyes. It was all good until my cab driver called me and said that he is going to be one hour late than the time we decided on. Being the kind of person that is very particular about being on time and anxious about things, I was stressed.

But, you know what? I am surrounded by wonderful people and I keep meeting amazing people when I need them the most. My cab driver was a blessing sent from the heavens. He spoke with me throughout the car ride and made sure that I got into the airport okay. The man at the check-in desk was so so so sweet. I realized then that I should chill. But our brains work weird and the mind tends to like being in a negative zone.

It took time, but I was able to get out of that zone and just take a deep breath.

So keep taking deep breaths, guys. Acknowledge what you have and what comes your way. You are always at the right place at the right time.

I don’t know if this makes any sense, but I’m just glad I’m finally on a plane.


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