Dead. Tired.

Today was Mothers’ Day in the United States, and to celebrate, my family and I went off to the beach for the day. It was excellent. But I am dead tired.

The day was a little off, perhaps due to a sleep schedule being completely out of whack (#collegeprobs). It is now a firm goal of mine to reset the body clock, get it back on track, and treat my body and mind and spirit with kindness and love. #hippiestatus. #idontknow. #it’ssolateI’mhashtaggingEVERYTHING. #darnitall.

So here is a small thought to end the day: despite where a tired mind and soul wanders, despite the negativity that may surround you, remember that nobody is wired wrong. One of my favorite YouTubers, Hannah Hart, has this phrase printed on a poster sold at DFTBA Records.

Nobody is wired wrong.

Good reminder to have, when running on the anxious side of things.


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