Today, Yesterday, Tomorrow

My brain has been on a static overdrive – does that make sense?

I went to Greggs followed by contra dancing with Marta yesterday. I think if I was trying to find happiness in the most purest forms yesterday was it. Nothing can cure a bad day like chocolate cake and dancing. T’was great and thinking about it right now makes me smile.

However, today was just a colossal mess. In the best way possible. I got back to Bryant at 10 and took a shower. After those morning shenanigans I realised that I had lost my debit card and that’s when I spent the rest of the day in a restless, hurried frenzy. The closer I get to going home the more space-y I get.

I am looking forward to tomorrow. I am getting lunch with my first friend ever at Bryant and then going out for the last dinner with my roommate. This weekend is turning out to be much more emotional than I previously anticipated. But I guess that is how it works.

Its so weird to think about the fact that in 4 months there will be a different set of freshman living in Hall 14 South 444. I hope their year is as adventurous as my time here at Bryant.

So this is me, signing off with this weird nostalgia that has already made its way in me.


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