Hello World

I am Miti and like Marta said this is our way of keeping in touch and just sharing our thoughts.

So, a few things about me:

  1. I am from Mumbai, India
  2. I am transferring to a college in New York
  3. I am so so so so excited
  4. However, I am so grateful that I came to Bryant.
  5. My favourite place on earth is the Himalaya’s and South Africa.
  6. I read a lot. I am constantly reading something.
  7. Like really its a problem. I dedicated an entire gap year to reading books.

I get into these intense fits of anger, sadness and happiness that acts as a peak of my creativity for that period of time. I cannot wait to get this started and she how it turns out.

Until then, here is a picture that will make you think

Displaying IMG_0835.PNG


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