Time for Celebration!

Hello, Internet!

My name is Marta, one part of the zealous and nerdy M & M duo blogging here on Miti and Marta. What is our mission? Well, I guess you need to know who we are first.

We are both currently freshmen in college. We knew of each other in the fall, but it wasn’t until Miti and I were grouped onto a business team for school in the spring that we became really good friends. I’m from the United States; Miti is from India. This week, we will be parting ways for the summer, and then she will be transferring to an amazing school next year, a five hour drive away! So this blog is really how we can keep up with each other’s lives, and, like, bum around on the Internet. Woo!

Now for my cause for celebration: it is finals week. Day 3, going strong, and… already done. Four final exams in three days, and I am now free! This was a tough semester. I had to take the required freshman business class, which is a time sink (it also doesn’t help being a liberal arts kid in a predominantly business focused school). That has been a monumentally huge weight lifted. It literally ran rampant through the past four months of my life.

Besides that, my other classes were excellent–mostly because they were relevant to my degree. I am a Communication major with a double minor in Chinese and Global Supply Chain Management… Yeah. I can see your face. A look of horror? Admiration? Confusion? I don’t know. All I know is that I absolutely adore Chinese and Communication, as those fields are were my passions lie.

What do I do now, with all this free time on my hands? Well, besides this blog, I have a few other projects and things going on:

1.) Summer classes… Woo!

The perks of going to school where your parent works: free tuition. I want to graduate in three years, rather than four (some call this ‘highly motivated’. I call it ‘way-too-excited-to-get-into-the-real-world-and-out-of-this-damn-classroom’). I’m taking three classes, mostly communication oriented (YES) to get ahead.

2.) Writing internship!

My school being one of business, there is a lot of networking, startups, etc… At one of the many required events I had to attend for my freshman business class, I met a senior who is starting an organization that is all about helping people realize their passions, pursue those passions, and then share their stories. I’ll definitely be talking a lot about that on this blog.

3.) Working part time x2

On the hunt for more part time work. I already have a part time job, buuuuuuut the hours fluctuate a lot. Which is totally cool, but…

4.) Traveling to Europe

I am going to, well, Europe. Half of my family lives in Spain, and I try to get over there when I can to visit. This time, I am going with my younger sister and mother, and we are going to have a blast! I am so excited to see my family again, and to visit my home away from home once more. So a second part time job would be nice to have.

That’s pretty much it. OH! Miti and I are aiming at having a new post on here everyday, whether it is just a pic, or text, or video. At least one thing. We will be alternating days, so you will meet her tomorrow!

See y’all on the Net.


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